Photos by Sarah Kilgallon.

Walkabout Dogs began in October 2007, with my faithful vizsla, Dudley, as captain. I wanted to give dogs the chance to run in the woods, off-leash, and do what they do best: run, chase, fetch, swim, and just be dogs.

Ten years later, this remains the focus of Walkabout Dogs. In addition to the 2+ hour hikes, I've added to dog photography, and dog stories to the services I provide.

I am a one-woman business, with over 25 years of animal care experience. My business is all about dogs, first and foremost. Their health and happiness is my first priority.

Although, my boy, Dudley, passed away in December 2016, he remains at the heart of Walkabout. His likeness is now the company logo. For 10 1/2 years, he brought me great joy. The bond and friendship we created working together every day, I'll always treasure.

Dudley, Autumn 2013

Dudley, Autumn 2013