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about Walkabout

Walkabout Dogs began in 2007, by Sarah Kilgallon and her vizsla, Dudley, by her side. She established the Adventure Hikes based on two guiding principles: provide dogs with the best off-leash experience and let them socialize naturally within the setting of a pack.

Walkabout Dogs focuses on the health and happiness of the dogs in our care. The hikes are 2+hour jaunts through the pristine conservation lands of Metro West Boston. The dogs are free to do what they do best: run, chase, fetch, swim, and sniff. This isn't big business, this is client focused, what's best for the dog business. My aspirations are to bring home tired and happy dogs at the end of day, and record their daily antics and romps in photos.

For over nine years, Dudley was the regal and silly captain of the dog crew . He enjoyed going to work no matter the season or the weather. Dudley, was her constant companion, tennis ball finder, and leader on the trails. He passed away unexpectedly in December 2016, but his intrepid spirit remains at the heart of Walkabout Dogs. Dudley's photo appears on the front-page of this site and  his likeness is now Walkabout's new logo.

 In 2017 Sarah expanded her creative efforts to include custom dog photo books, which incorporate her love of dog photography and passion for creative writing. This seemed like a natural progression, since she’s spent many years observing the pack's innate "dogness."

Sarah has worked in animal care for 25+ years, working in the Thoroughbred race horse industry, raising beagles, and the founder and main trainer at Walkabout Dogs.

She also holds a BA in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing.  

If you're looking to schedule a photo shoot for your pup(s) and are interested in prints, custom story/photo books , and calendars, or your dog is going to join the hikes, Walkabout Dogs motto stands true: It's All About the Dogs.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sarah Kilgallon   

Me and my dog Ethel. She prefers to hitch a ride during the hikes.

Me and my dog Ethel. She prefers to hitch a ride during the hikes.



Walkabout dogs photo-storybooks


Sarah has been hiking Bruno for almost his entire 11 years. When she began creating custom books I jumped at the opportunity to create a special memory of our first family pet. Not only does she have an amazing ability in photography but her written creativity is witty and humorous. She captured Bruno’s ‘voice’ exactly as I would have imagined it. She has true talent.
Ashley Ranaldi


photo storybooks

The Beautiful, Unique & Perfect for Every Dog Lover


custom photo storybooks - Starting at $299

These are terrific coffee table books in full color, and your dog(s) is the star character! We will go to an outdoor venue for the 2 hour photo session. You choose which photos you'd like in the book. Once I've put together a mock-up of the book, I'll send you a PDF file for your approval. The 20-page photo storybook will be sent out to print and mailed directly to your home!

Customized photo storybooks: I’ll write a short story about your dog (between 500-1000 words) integrated with the session photos - $499. *printing & shipping included in price*

Themed photo books can be customized for holidays, birthdays, memorials, for $250. *printing and shipping additional cost of $25 per book ordered*

Themed books with customized captions - $325. *printing and shipping additional cost of $25 per book ordered*

PRICES for all books INCLUDE: photo session, 20-page full-color, hardcover book and 25 high-resolution image files.

Below is a SAMPLE Photo StoryBook I created for one of my long-term client’s dog, Pippa, a beautiful 9 year-old golden retriever! She’s a fan favorite not only on Instagram and Facebook but also in my heart!

To Schedule an Appointment: Click here or email or call 617-448-1987


* The Way to Dogness: On the path with pippa *




photo SESSIONS- $150

You know your dog is a star. Now, let's bring his/her personality into the spotlight! The best way to capture your dog's essence is to bring them out and about, off-leash, and let them romp. Throughout my years working with dogs, I've found that the best photos capture the unexpected moments. The ones I never could've staged have become my favorites. This photo on the right is one of those instances. 

The outside photo shoot will last approximately 2 hours, at a place that you and your dog love to go. You will receive proofs of the photos approximately two weeks after the shoot. At that time, we can discuss whether you'd like high resolution files, enlarged prints, or both. Price will vary depending on number of files and/or the size and treatment of the photo prints. We can also discuss if you'd like a story/photo book as well.

Custom Calendars - prints - high resolution image files

Calendars - $20 8x11 or $25 11x14 : Prints- Gallery Canvas - $150 12”x 18” : High Resolution Image Files - $40 per file


Daisy and LuLu sister pups

Daisy and LuLu sister pups




WALKABOUT hikes gallery 2007-2017


walkabout dogs' hikes - boarding - training


Hikes - boarding - training


We go out in all seasons and all weather, winter storms and other dangerous conditions withstanding. The hikes are 2+ hours in the conservation areas of Metro West Boston. I bring 4-7 dogs off-leash, and sometimes off trail. Each hike includes: pick-up and drop-off, treats, a weekly slide show, downloadable files of the week's photos, and the end of the year calendar, featuring your dog! 


Due to the nature of my business, I am only able offer boarding for Adventure Hike clients. These are the current rates: $75 on week nights and non-holiday weekends; $90 for holidays and holiday weekends.


During the training consultation, I will familiarize myself with you and your dog(s). We'll go over your current needs for training. Together we'll create a plan of action whether she/he is a puppy or an older dog in need of learning better behaviors. The training method I use is "passive training," in other words, everyday is an opportunity for you and your dog(s) to better understand each other.

I will show you what has worked best with my dogs, and you can incorporate this within the framework of your lifestyle. The consultation is a one-time fee, and I encourage clients to call after our meeting with any questions or continuing concerns. There is no extra charge for follow-up phone calls or visit.


.04 slide shows

monday thru wednesday: october 7-9, 2019



.04 slide show

thursday and friday: october 10-11, 2019



.05 News

Bark Mag Summer 2019 cover pic.jpg

MY article & photos in the summer 2019 issue of Bark Magazine

“The (almost) Wild Dogs of Pavones, Costa Rica”


my article & photos in the winter 2018 issue of Bark magazine article

"Travels with Charlee”


Feature 3

my Interview with Boston Voyager Magazine.




bARBARA w. :

I gave my friend a second copy of Poe’s book to my friend, Susan. She read the photo book to her six year-old granddaughter, Ava. She loved the book so much that she made her grandmother read it to her over and over again. Some months later, I went to visit Susan and her granddaughter, Ava. When Poe jumped out of the car, Ava’s face lit up as though she were seeing something magical. She said to her grandmother with a tinge of delight and awe, “But that’s Poe! That’s the secret agent!” It was a very sweet moment to behold. It was a storybook character come to life!




Please fill out this contact form to learn more about Walkabout Dogs services, and/or schedule an interview for Adventure Hikes, a Dog Book photo shoot, or a training consultation. You can also reach us at 617-448-1987.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog!







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